Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ecstatic Enthusiasm

Ecstatic Enthusiasm  

Enthusiasm is a great word. I think of someone so excited their attitude is infectious. Someone who sets to tone with a vigor and passion. Enthusiastic leaders lead by example and carry the weather with them.   Enthusiasm is something every great leader possesses and something everyone who calls themself a leader should. 

The truth is enthusiasm is a deeply spiritual word. It is derived from two Greek word En and Theos.  It literally means "in God". Or more dynamically translated, possessed by God.   So to be truly enthusiastic, we must be possessed or inhabited by God. If we are, if we have the spirit of the living God in us we will lead, we will have amazing attitudes, we carry the weather with us and influence many! 

Wow, I wanna be even more enthusiastic than ever. 

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