Monday, August 27, 2012

Water Church


Early in the Summer my friend Dave Busch, the CEO of Hawaiian Falls waterparks asked me what it would be like to do an event at the waterparks with emphasis on church people bringing their friends who dont know Christ and do it for FREE.

That is like offering a high school football team an all you can eat buffet.  I jumped at the chance.  I started calling friends around the area and my friend Brian Bradford from Horizons Church in The Colony started working his contacts with his local network group and before you know it we had a date, some partners and a vision.

We printed 1000 tickets and distributed them through our local network of 12 churches.  We had three more join us and a total of 8 churches ended up participitating in the event.

We did not know what to expect....What would God do?  How many people would attend?  Would the church respond?  Would there be salvations, baptisims or people in attendance?

Below, the video documents the incredible kingdom event.  We had over 2,200 people show up, over 100 respond to a first time or closer walk with Christ and over 100 baptisms in the wave pool.

Yep, waterchurch!

Calvary Christian Center, The Colony
Church of the Apostles, Coppell
Horizons Church
First Baptist
New Generations Church
Mill Valley Fellowship
Crystal Church
Bent Tree, The Colony

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