Friday, January 21, 2011

Hey Soul Surfer

Just returned from a special screening of the April movie release of Soul Surfer.  I have to write about it because it is a powerful, useful and entertaining media experience.

This is not a movie review but it is some insight on the movie experience and some (hopefully) useful application.

This screening was hosted by the PR and screen team that worked for the movie.  During a post-movie Q & A she touted this movie as a Hollywood faith based movie effort.  Interesting.  Since Sony owns TriStar and some type of partnership with Integrity music, I guess there is some synergy or relationship that makes sense.  Anyway, the movie was done via Hollywood and not via local church (fireproof, etc).

Two things about the Hollywood influence before some specifics about the flick.

The cast was all star; not A list but defiantly some names we all know: Dennis, Quaid (everything...), Helen Hunt (everything..., Annasophia Robb (Because of Winn-Dixie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, etc), Kevin Sorbo (Hercules {i had to put that}) and playing the part of cool and sexy Youth Workers everywhere....drum roll please...Carrie Underwood.

Also, I thoroughly enjoyed the SS soundtrack but i can find any info on it currently.  I'm pretty sure i heard Switchfoot, Coldplay and a couple of U2 joints.  Also pretty sure there will be a Carrie Underwood tune somewhere but since the movie wasn't finished there were no closing credits, which is where it will probably land.

The movie was inspirational, motivational and a great tool to use to surface conversation with friends; believers and non alike.  Here are some favorite scenes and potential discussion starters.
  *  Eerie Jaws flashbacks - There were some eerie underwater scenes that reminiscent me of my jr high days when i saw the movie jaws (no this is NOT a spoiler because we all know she looses an arm to a shark).  Lots of discussion about not being in control or know what will happen next but how we can make the most of things.
  *  I can do all things - There are a couple of great scenes that they evoke the Philippians passage; one pre attack and one post.  Together these scenes ask lots of questions and answer some too.  Can we really do all things?  Does that mean everything or anything, or both?
  *  Dont apologize for compassion - at one point Bethany sees something  that causes her to cry.  She apologizes and turns away.  Her Youth Worker tells her to not apologize for compassion, its who God made you.  Great thought about being real.  This was also a pivotal point in the movie (i wont go into applicational detail here and risk a spoiler)
  *  The interactive youth group lesson - "Pastor Underwood" finishes up a great/typical youth talk during one scene using a powerpoint presentation.  She makes the point that things arent always as them seem.  Actually, trust me on this one, i didnt describe it so good here but it is a great moment of teaching, creativity and youth grouping.
  *  The bad chick - we were told that there was not actually ONE villain in the story but that the bad chick was an amalgamation of lots of evil surf vixens.  At one point Bethany thanks her nemesis for making her better.  Awwww.

Its a great movie about redemption and winning against tall odds and how can you go wrong with that?  So, this Hollywood faith movie has all the ingredients of win (faith or not) an all star cast, a beautiful Hawaiian surf background, heros, villains, drama, emotion and triumph.

.....:::::Links for more info:::::....
Bethany Hamilton - this chick is solid.  i'd put some links but there are a ton, just google her.
Youth Worker Resources - for networking and resources in the DFW area
Interlinc has some great materials for the film including an interactive DVD bible studies, posters, and curriculum.  My buddy Troy Hargrave ( co-hosted the special screening also gave me free stuff from also go here for more SS resources from Inter-linc

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