Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mad World: I Want My, "Husband and Wife's Lung Slice"

The following story's caught my eye today. They are probably not related (lol) and i think i'll call them "Mad World" stories. This will also serve as a way for me to classify these type of stories ongoing. Really, it is becoming a Mad World.

Story #1, China goes PC

The following story is about China, putting forth another PC campaign either trying to be more palatable to the West or putting a new face of for this summers Olympics. either way, they are separating with their past for a drab and unseasoned new future. C'mon, when i visit China i want "Husband and wife's lung slice" or "Chicken without sexual life" not "Beef and ox tripe in chili sauce" or "Steamed pullet" respectively.

Story #2, Right Foot, Right Foot, Right Foot, Right Foot, Right Foot, Left Foot

Could be a Dr Seuss story, right? Except this eerie event involves 6 severed feet found on Eastern coast of Canada. How wierd. in the time span of about a year, 6 feet wash up on the shore in the same area? What is going on here? An offshore medical college playing a joke with cadaver parts? Or is China changing its menu again? Right foot soup now becomes mystery meat stew?

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