Thursday, October 11, 2007

7 days, 7 blogs

the wisdom of emerson wields us this, "the years will teach us what the days will never know." well, in todays speed frenzy we call the day, i've adapted emerson to my week of blogging, ah hum.....

"the week of daily blogging will teach me what the inconsistent months of blogging will never attempt to sort out for me." ok, so it isnt as pity as emerson, but today i'm going for more tongue in cheek than fingers on chin, soaking in wisdom.

so, wish me luck and insight as i attempt to expel wisdom, inspiration and world changing insight in the next 7 days my 7n7 experiment rolls out.

i have a couple of thoughts in mind, but really, i want to be aware that i'm doing this and crack open something fresh more than calculated. some things i am currently thinking about that may surface this week; sabbath, death (a close friends dad died yesterday), the value of 1, green, diet and i'm sure life will reveal some additions.

i'm not sure who reads or who enjoys this, but if you hear something that works for ya this next week, give me a shout.


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