Thursday, August 09, 2007 - a.k.a. Photobooth for Windows, Linux & Mac Online - a.k.a. Photobooth for Windows, Linux & Mac Online

after my friend william got his mac note book and showed me a program called photobooth, i thought, wow, here is actually one reason to get a mac.

here is what photobooth does; takes your webcam and lets you take pics using various effect and color manuplituation.

cool program, available only for mac. mac 1, pc 0, UNTIL...

now anyone with a computer, internet connection and webcam can have "photobooth"; pc, mac, linux and more. HA mac 1, pc 1

i like saturate combined with barrell.

check it out and send me your pics.

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Anonymous said...

Have you guys seen this one?? is a webcam entertainment community, and the only site where you can shoot "real" photobooth pictures in strips of four shots . You can share them using widgets, and rate others photos. You can also save high-res images for prints.

I've had 20 minutes of fun on that site with my webcam. This app has a distinct feel, and a is very rich / impressive User Interface. Their blog says that plans to become a "community powered TV network", and will soon launch some "live video game shows" which will use interactive webcam streams.

so it's