Wednesday, August 29, 2007

less than average.

In high school I was a C student. Its not that I didn't have the mental capacity, it was just that all I wanted from academia was a passing grade. I wanted to spend the least amount of time studying to allow more time for other pursuits. My priorities (i wince in hindsight) were fun, social, sports and popularity: probably in that order. Three of my current top priorities were sadly left behind: my faith, my family and education.

Today my priorities are in very different order, but all of my high school priorities are still, well, priorities. I have added the ones I was missing but others have morphed. Sports is now keeping physically fit and fun, like watching the lakers trounce an opponent. Being social now includes strategic dinners with friends and mentors as well as an occasional night out with 'the boys'. And popularity, well, its really not much of a priority, everyone wants to be loved, it more of a necessary evil to accomplish some of the higher ranking priorities.

I think either scenario, my priorities reflected my values, what was (is) most important in my life.

Priorities are who we are, what we are and where we are going.

final thougth about my hs grades. for fear of being labled a complete slacker, my gpa for post grad work was 3.8

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