Wednesday, November 22, 2006

[music therapy]

The last few cd's I bought (since last summer) that were worth listening to, in order.

1. *U2, U218 – Great stuff! 28 songs, some older album stuff, some album radio edits, some live, but for the real fan, there are three cuts unavailable any other way. Suh weet!

2. *Evanescence, The Open Door – The open door leads to the same sound, stronger vocals by Amy Lee and the same old questioning and depressing lyrics; but still a great sound.

3. The Raconteurs, Broken Boy Soldiers – Totally different than the Strips. Music not as creative, but lyrically solid. Songs include pro stands on marriage, monogamy, happiness and intellect. (great website too, hilarious)

4. David Crowder Band, A Collision – GREAT LISTEN! This could have been the number one pick but musically it didn't tread much new ground (if any). The drummer is crankin, but the guitars only support the overall sound and don't tantalize me. The lyrics, first four soungs (not counting the very first, c'mon it's not a song) are awesome. I also love the interview and other fun stuff (live and banjo).

5. Franz Ferdinand, You Could Have it So Much Better – The music value is genius; the lyrically quality, sophomoric. Still, kudos on the simple, complex, creative, stretching, tempo-switching and innovative music.

* Review coming soon to a blog near you (hint, this one)

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