Sunday, November 05, 2006

good boy landry

keep it together i said to myself, looking in the review mirror of my truck to my dog of thirteen years, Landry. I cried like a baby as i knew this would be the last time i would be with him. he was old for a sheepdog and we were blessed to have him healthy for as long as we did.

i took the long way to the clinic, stopped extra long at stop signs and prayed for long red lights.

you used to bark at the top of your lungs to all the passers by when we drove home from the groomers when you thought you were so handsome.

people thought you were the shaggy dog from the movies and could talk.

when we first started running together, as a puppy i pulled you along. you got older and pulled me. you got older still and i pulled you again. you are once again pullin at me.

you were happy to be with me and that was all you really wanted.

life goes on. i'll miss you boy. we may get another pet, but you will never be replaced.

you were a good dog landry. good boy.

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